255 Governor Lujan Grisham to Stay in New Mexico, COVID Red, Yellow and Green and More

On this week’s podcast conversation, Paul and Wally discuss the fact that Gov. MLG is NOT heading to DC after all. What happened and what does it mean?

The Gov. unveiled a new red, yellow, green COVID system. Under these orders it appears New Mexicans will be severely restricted until a vaccine is widely-deployed.

An ordinance was introduced at Albuquerque’s City Council that would have added significant teeth in the form of jail time and fines to the local health orders. Thankfully, that ordinance was pulled from consideration.

Paul’s family recently traveled to Scottsdale. Here’s what they saw.

RGF recently appeared in National Review to discuss Joe Biden’s energy policies.

Finally, according to a new report from McKinsey Consulting poor/minority students are suffering most from shift to remote learning.