250 Grover Norquist – Americans for Tax Reform

On this week’s interview show, Paul sits down with Grover Norquist, president and founder of Americans for Tax Reform. Grover is one of the most prominent voices for free markets and lower taxes in Washington.

The dust is still settling in the presidential election and there are two runoff elections underway in Georgia that could determine control of the US Senate. How did conservative issues and policies fare in the 2020 election? Grover and Paul go over ballot measures on everything from marijuana legalization to ride-sharing companies and racial preferences. Grover is optimistic both about the future of freedom and lower taxes around the nation.

Paul and Grover conclude the discussion by discussing how legislative control shifted at the state level and whether a prospective Biden Administration will tack leftward on various economic policies or whether there will be opportunities for Democrats and Republicans to work together over the next few years.