249 New Mexico goes into COVID Lockdown number 2

Gov. Lujan Grisham places New Mexico on full lockdown again. Paul and Wally discuss the implications. Notably, New Mexico’s booming real estate sector (residential is especially strong) is NOT considered an essential business this time around. 

How long will this two weeks REALLY last? Wally and Paul believe it will be quite a bit longer. There is a lot to discuss on this important issue.

Albuquerque City Council pushed the vote on mandatory sick leave back by a week. Paul and Wally agree that imposing such a policy under the current more thorough lockdown would be even more problematic than before.

Oddly, while Gov. Lujan Grisham constantly tells us that her anti-COVID efforts are based “on the science” Leading health bodies like the CDC have recommended in-person learning. And, as a November 16 email distributed nationally from the New York Times put it:

The one indoor activity that appears to present less risk is school, especially elementary school. Why? Young children seem to spread the virus less often than adults do. “Research has shown that if you put social-distancing protocols in place, school is actually quite a safe environment,” Andreas Schleicher, who studies schools for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, told NPR.

Closing schools and switching entirely to remote learning, on the other hand, has big social costs. Children are learning less, and many parents, mostly mothers, have dropped out of the labor force. The U.S. is suffering from both of these problems and from a raging pandemic.

What’s going on with the schools? Most big districts are shut down. Not much help for families while other states have been helping.

Finally, the NM House GOP makes an interesting proposal for the 2021 legislative session