237 The plan to reopen New Mexico and so much more

COVID 19 update: Trump has it, the Gov. has been self-quarantined after being exposed to it. The Gov. updated us last week but didn’t change anything. She says the virus is spreading as part of another uptick.

Also, the Gov. recently presented to NAIOP on how businesses can help kick start the NM economy. Paul takes issue with that.

What’s OUR plan to reopen New Mexico? We’ve had one since April! https://errorsofenchantment.com/whats-our-plan-to-reopen-new-mexico-weve-had-once-since-april/

We jumped the gun. Bowling alleys aren’t open for everyone, just leagues. And while the Penguin exhibit is open the Biopark’s aquarium is not. Makes perfect sense, right?
A federal Judge supports Gov. Lujan Grisham’s seemingly arbitrary limits on private schools. 

The MLG Administration argues that “There is no fundamental right to in-person education.”  Paul and Wally discuss the meaning of “adequate” and how it always seems to be about inputs (more money) as opposed to outputs (results).

With California’s Gov. banning gas-powered cars, what about the Gov.’s plan to go to 52MPG?

MLG recently stated that New Mexico “should transition out of fossil fuels.”

The minimum wage is set to rise at the end of 2020. Probably couldn’t happen at a worse time. 

RGF has a petition asking MLG to return her salary to the taxpayers until NM’s unemployment rate drops.

NMSU Economist Jim Peach offers his thoughts on New Mexico’s economy and recovery.