229 Guns, Travel, Schools, Right to Work and Base Closure

On this week’s edition of Tipping Point New Mexico Paul interviews Zach Fort of the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association about some bad, anti-gun ordinances that are moving their way through Albuquerque’s City Council. You can take action on them here.

Paul and Wally discuss Paul’s recent trip to Ohio, flying for the first time since COVID, and the relative openness of Ohio and New Mexico. Then Paul and Wally discuss various issues in education including the different treatment of public and private schools in New Mexico and the seemingly different treatment of conservative areas of the State.
Finally, the issue of Right to Work has been introduced into the US Senate campaign between Mark Ronchetti and Ben Ray Lujan. Wally and Paul discuss, but note that in the best polling available Right to Work is supported even by Democrats on a 2-1 basis.

Finally, Paul recently sat down for a podcast with the Cato Institute to discuss Base Realignment and Closure in Roswell, NM.