223 Competing for Remote Workers, Post Office Controversy and More

In this week’s discussion podcast, Paul and Wally discuss the latest on COVID 19 in New Mexico. In this week’s press conference the Gov. mostly just recounted more good news on the numbers declining. We did get a reminder to fill out the Census. We were also told that “gator” face coverings are not good at preventing the spread. In the latest Wallethub report, New Mexico was rated 34th overall, but was among the most locked down and most impacted states.

Paul gives a quick update on Bernalillo County’s proposed “project labor agreement” law. 

As more workers see their place of work disconnected from where they live, New Mexico and other states will be able to compete for remote workers. Some business leaders were recently discussing the issue. Wally and Paul further discuss the State’s pluses and minuses for those folks.

NM doesn’t put up money for enhanced unemployment benefits.

A new RGF policy brief discusses the PRC constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall. Evidence points to an appointed PRC. 

Katharine Stevens article appears in ABQ Journal. 

Finally, with all the controversy over the US Post Office, Paul discusses how the issue has been looming (and free-market advocates have been working to reform it) for decades.