215 Restaurant Ruling at Supreme Court and Schools “Opening”

On this week’s discussion podcast, Paul and Wally begin by discussing the fact that a judge in New Mexico issued an order to reopen indoor dining at restaurants for 10 days. That opinion was published immediately prior to the podcast being recorded. Unfortunately, the State Supreme Court reversed the decision later that afternoon.

Education issues loom large in this episode as Albuquerque Public Schools and other districts have released their “back to school” plans. Wally and Paul discuss the details and why Paul and his family have made the decision to homeschool their children. Is David Scrase holding our kids hostage to keep parents at home? 

A powerful state representative says New Mexico’s Permanent Fund is “racist.” And in education-related news, New Mexico falls slightly in the latest per student spending data from Census Bureau.

Finally, RGF recently produced an explainer video to show how most areas of NM have been minimally impacted by the COVID 19 Virus. An astonishing 11 of New Mexico’s 33 counties (including some population centers) have had zero deaths from the Virus. An additional 11 counties have had death numbers in the single digits per 100,000 residents.