213 Latest New Mexico Health Orders and More

On this week’s Tipping Point New Mexico podcast Paul and Wally discuss the Gov.’s latest orders which are making waves. Paul and Wally discuss a ridiculous tweet from Democrat State Rep. Liz Thomson. Finally, Wally and Paul address the Gov.’s order to wear masks at all times in public.

The Albuquerque Journal runs an opinion piece by Gov. MLG in which she makes a fact-free push for pre-K. RGF is making the case during this time of possible (additional) school disruptions that K-12 funds must follow the child.

he finances of NM’s “major” college football teams will undoubtedly take a big hit this fall. The University is ALREADY saying its financial outlook is “Incredibly Depressing.”

NM’s PED secretary is working from Philly. The media is rather quiet about the issue and people that would have raised problems with that kind of arrangement during the Skandera Administration (like unions) would have raised serious concerns about this situation but have not.