211 Dreary, Depressed, Ugly

On this week’s discussion podcast, Paul and Wally discuss the ABQ City Council’s recent actions on mandatory paid sick leave. Council recently voted down pandemic hazard pay and postponed a vote on paid sick leave. Council did pass an ordinance that requires businesses to give their employees masks and enforce mask-wearing in their facilities. In an ABQ Journal piece, businesses respond to the renewed threat of more regulation and express dire concerns about the future.

Gov. MLG extends her health order through July 15. The Gov. cites travelers to New Mexico, increased spread to younger people. $100 fine for not wearing masks in public. Mandatory 14-day quarantine for all out-of-state travelers into New Mexico, whether traveling by air or by vehicle. Hotels and other places of lodging are expected to enforce the 14-day travel quarantine for any out-of-state visitors and report non-compliance to state health authorities. Paul talks to KOAT Channel 7 about the City of Albuquerque spending $100,000 on “COVID Safe Fireworks”

The ABQ Journal has a touching story regarding “Shadow Deaths of the Virus”

Paul discusses why it especially touched him.

Another ABQ Journal piece quotes a homeless man who compares ABQ to Detroit and calls Downtown “Dreary, Depressed, Ugly”

Charles Sullivan writes a piece about the Spaceport boondoggle while the facility’s CEO Dan Hicks has been placed on Administrative Leave.