206 Special Session Forecast, Will public be able to attend?, Breweries Reopen, plus COVID-19 Impacts

On this week’s discussion episode, Paul and Wally discuss the Special Session of the New Mexico Legislature which begins June 18. As of the recording of this podcast, it will NOT be open to the public. That decision has been appealed to New Mexico’s Supreme Court.

When the Legislature DOES meet Wally and Paul believe that the Legislature will largely“kick the can” down the road to beyond the November election.

Gov. Lujan Grisham has reopened breweries as the RGF requested recently.  Bars, fitness studios, entertainment centers remain closed.

Paul has recently been on KOAT TV Channel 7 discussing various potential budget issues.  One story addressed the $34 million in COVID 19 expenses.

A second story by KOAT addressed the fact that New Mexico’s unemployment insurance fund could be in financial trouble. Paul shares some history and perspective on that. 

RGF releases new report comparing APS w/ other western school districts.

Has there been a spike in COVID-19 cases due to protests? Not as far as we can tell.