204 Abolishing Police and Oil, Election Results and More

On this week’s Tipping Point New Mexico discussion Paul and Wally discuss the fact that over the weekend Paul got tested for COVID 19. He was not feeling well late last week and went ahead and got the test. It was negative, thank goodness. Paul explains the process and what happened.

There’s a serious discussion going on in Minneapolis and other cities about abolishing the Police. Others are discussing reforming the police. What can actually be done? Parallels between police unions and teachers’ unions.

In the biggest New Mexico-specific news of the last week, the recent primary election means some big changes are ahead in New Mexico’s Legislature. Paul and Wally discuss the results and likely political and policy outcomes for New Mexico.

Adding on to that discussion of the Legislature, Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino’s writes in the Albuquerque Journal with an absurd “plan” to eliminate oil & gas in NM. Wally and Paul discuss the rise of Ortiz y Pino from “Comrade Jerry” to being the de-facto “leader” of the NM Senate’s “progressives” and why you can’t dismiss his insanity out of hand.

Good news? A national poll from Wallethub shows that Americans overwhelmingly oppose tax hikes. Question: After the economy recovers, should tax rates go up to cover the cost of coronavirus pandemic?

No –  72%
Yes – 28%

Finally, Paul and Wally have a brief conversation about the special session and what, if anything will happen.