202 Protests and Riots in Albuquerque, COVID-19, SpaceX, Amazon, and More

On this week’s podcast discussion Paul and Wally discuss the George Floyd protests/riots in Albuquerque and around the nation.

The protests are happening in the shadow of COVID 19 with businesses having been shut down for several months. There are so many issues going on, but are cities as we know them dead?

SpaceX launches the first American manned space flight in nearly a decade to the International Space Station. This is a big day for privatized space flight and just in general good news for the country.

Gov. starts opening New Mexico a bit further. Paul and Wally discuss the details.

Primary election Tuesday. RGF got dragged into a SE NM primary. Paul and Wally discuss what is happening this primary election day.

Finally, online sales giant Amazon.com comes to NM. Paul and Wally share a few thoughts on this momentous occasion.