182 How Coronavirus is Affecting New Mexico

On this week’s episode, Paul and Wally provide a Coronavirus update. Which states have quarantines active? Where are things heading with the stock market and oil prices? What about New Mexico Republicans pushing for a special session?

The Lujan Grisham Administration supported the Yazzie v. Martinez suit as long as there was plenty of money available to spend on K-12. Now it looks like New Mexico is heading into a budget shortfall. It is asking the courts to drop Yazzie v. Martinez. Why now? Is this simply a nod to budgetary reality?

Based on its own ideas as well as some crowdsourced thoughts, the Rio Grande Foundation has a few ideas for Gov. Lujan Grisham to consider in this time of crisis.

RGF files a lawsuit against the City of Albuquerque arguing that city councilors violated open meeting laws.

We’re living the “Green New Deal” right now Wally and Paul discuss why.

Despite plenty of evidence (and news from both Maine and New York which have put their bans on hold) neither the City of Albuquerque nor Bernalillo County are acting to suspend or repeal their plastic bag bans.

In New Hampshire the governor issued an emergency order banning reusable bags, requiring stores to use plastic or paper instead,

The NM Grocers Association wants temporary repeal of bag ban.