180 Impact of Coronavirus and Low Oil Prices on New Mexico

Paul and Wally give an update on the current situation: oil prices are close to $30. The Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to zero (rates were 1.75/1.5 at start of 2020).

While government is considering a number of “stimulus” measures, Paul and Wally wonder how government can stimulate the economy when Americans can’t really spend any money because virtually everything has been canceled?

Also, while traditional schools have been closed virtual options exist.

Paul and Wally address the State budget and what they expect to happen. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham vetoed a spending bill that would have appropriated $49.5 million to fund 216 road projects statewide, including funding for bike paths, safety enhancements and median landscaping in Albuquerque. Wally and Paul agree that a special session is still likely. When will/should it happen?

Does the virus justify mandatory paid sick leave? If so, what kind of leave policy?

Pat Davis wants to crack down on plastic bags. Could there be a worse idea?

Finally, channel 13 covers our successful complaint against Mayor Keller’s use of City website to campaign for Democracy Dollars:

RGF recently hosted successful Liberty on the Rocks in Albuquerque and Las Cruces.