176 Red Flags, Cost Overruns, and Northwest NM Energy

On this week’s podcast discussion Paul and Wally discuss the Governor’s signing of SB 5 the Red Flag Bill. They also note the conflict inherent in her “Enforce it or resign” rhetoric relative to her plans to legalize marijuana.

A recent social media exchange with a left-wing activist group highlights the fact that the left has dominated New Mexico for decades, but they disavow the results of liberal policies.

The rising cost of Bernalillo County’s new headquarters shows why voters are and should be skeptical any time government embarks upon big capital construction efforts. The Rail Runner and Spaceport are additional examples.

Some New Mexico tribes are being forced to burn “household items” now that a coal mine has closed cutting off their primary source of home heating. And, in a separate case in the same geographical area Paul and Wally note that Navajo Nation tribal representatives recently voted to shrink a barrier prohibiting oil and gas development around Chaco Canyon. This is contrary to the desires of environmental groups and NM’s congressional delegation.

Finally, an environmental group funded “think tank” recently called Enchant Energy’s plan to save San Juan Generating Station and use carbon sequestration technology a “boondoggle.” Wally and Paul explain why the assertion that Enchant’s plan is a “boondoggle” is simply irrelevant.