172 Voices For Taxes and Spending and More

In this week’s discussion podcast, Paul and Wally discuss the Voices for Children’s recent missive in the Santa Fe New Mexican decrying the “disaster” of Colorado’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights. The problem is so dire that the State’s population is booming while New Mexico’s with its unlimited spending is stagnant.

Wally and Paul discuss how Voices consistently supports bigger government, even at the expense of poor people and why even Bernie Sanders opposed soda taxes while Voices remained silent. Also, RGF appears in Forbes on the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Paul and Wally discuss the curious saga of SB 110/HB 364, a massive giveaway to public employee unions.

Paul and Wally discuss pension reform legislation which is one of the few bright spots in the 2020 Legislature.

At this point legislation creating a new permanent fund for early childhood education will likely pass (the versions need to be reconciled) spending $230 million. But, tapping the land grant permanent fund won’t happen (again).

HB 325 criminal record for employment is a good bill that would help those convicted of crimes overcome obstacles to occupational licensing.