168 New Mexico Legislative Session Update

On this week’s podcast discussion which is being recorded near the midpoint of what is shaping up to be a very busy 30 day legislative session, Paul and Wally start by discussing the so-called “Red Flag Bill” which has been introduced in the New Mexico Legislature. SB 5  passed its first committee, SenatePublic Affairs. All of the Democrats voted for it (including Liz Stefanics and Jeff Steinborn). All Republicans voted against the bill. Spurred in part by this legislation a rally was held at the Roundhouse against Red Flag bill and in favor of gun rights on Friday. RGF was in attendance.

SB 60 and SB 201 by George Munoz would change the requirements of who serves on the PERA board in a good way

SB 72 which actually makes the pension changes made it out of Public Affairs Committee (Stefanics and Sedillo-Lopez voting against). You can read the editorial that Paul and Len Gilroy wrote on the issue here.  Paul and Wally further discuss NM’s PERA system which has created a large number of millionaires: https://errorsofenchantment.com/nms-10000-pera-pension-millionaires/

Social Security bills move forward in legislative committees, but as the AlbuquerqueJournal reports, they are “gaining momentum,” but according to Speaker Egolf are “unlikely to happen” because all of the surplus money has been “spoken for” by the various agencies.

HJR 1 to tap permanent fund is again moving in the session, but a leading expert from the center/left Brookings Institute throws some cold water on the idea that pre-K is going to work wonders for New Mexico students.

HB 173 which would massively increase New Mexico’s gas tax moves forward.

SB 110 which is a massive giveaway of power to government employee labor unions passes Senate Public Affairs Committee. Is this the unions’ a quid pro quo for pension reform?

A federal judge has ruled against the Rio Grande Foundation in its suit over donor disclosure in the battle over Santa Fe’s soda tax saying that we didn’t prove we were harmed. The Foundation has already appealed.