166 How RGF’s Legislative Priorities are Faring in Santa Fe

Paul was up in Santa Fe last week talking pension reform along with Len Gilroy, a pension expert with Reason Foundation (episode 121). Unfortunately there are a number of RGF priorities already being pushed aside.

SB 110 is an early candidate for worst bill of 2020.

Taxpayers Bill of Rights Bill introduced as HJR 5 by Rep. Rod Montoya. How is it different or similar to what Colorado has?  Rep. Javier Martinez is now the co-chair and heir apparent as chair of the powerful House Tax and Revenue Committee. What does this mean for New Mexico tax and economic policy moving forward?

Paul discusses serious concerns with the proposed Route 66 Visitors Center in Albuquerque and how the finances just don’t add up: https://errorsofenchantment.com/the-abq-journal-is-right-about-rt-66-visitors-center-being-a-boondoggle/

Finally, oil prices are down significantly since early January. We don’t know if they are destined to go lower or if this will be a sustained drop, but the change in oil prices could have a big impact on New Mexico.