164 RGF’s take on New Mexico Budget, NM Taxpayer Bill of Rights and More

On this week’s discussion podcast Wally and Paul discuss the fact that Rep. Rod Montoya has introduced Taxpayers Bill of Rights legislation (an important policy goal of the Rio Grande Foundation) in the New Mexico Legislature.

Notably, according to data known as the Gini Coefficient which tracks inequality, “progressive” New Mexico is not only poorer than Colorado and our other neighbors, it is also more unequal.

RGF shares its perspective on MLG budget in a recent Channel 7 story.

The New Mexico Oil and Gas Association has released further data on just how big the oil and gas boom is and how much it is benefiting New Mexico’s economy. Paul and Wally discuss.

Paul and Wally have looked through the list of pre-filed bills and discuss some of the really bad and some of the good bills to be considered in the 2020 session.