148 Pledge To Not Raise Taxes in New Mexico and More

On this week’s podcast, Paul discusses a recent meeting with Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform in New Orleans. In addition to sharing information on the problem of transit projects like the Rail Runner and ART, Paul took the opportunity to remind New Mexico’s political leadership, especially Republicans  who are out of power these days that taking the ATR pledge not to raise taxes is a good starting point if the Party is serious about ever taking power in New Mexico.

New data from Albuquerque’s bus system shows just how bad our existing bus system is.

New Mexico’spersonal incomes still lag behind neighbors.

The New Mexico United soccer team is looking for $30 million in capital outlay money from the State for $100 million facility. But how much MORE from other taxpayers?

Finally, an op-ed from the Albuquerque Journal makes some solid points against Social Security tax elimination. Paul offers a few thoughts on the issue that was previously discussed on the podcast with Fred Nathan.