142 Court Victory for Right to Work in New Mexico and more

On this week’s podcast, Paul shares more information on Democracy Dollars including some of the big funders pushing the issue in Albuquerque: http://errorsofenchantment.com/the-big-dark-money-pushing-democracy-dollars/

He shares how one chart from the Tax Foundation explains the serious problems with New Mexico’s GRT.

He revisits the UNM faculty’s decision to unionize and discusses it within the context of the US Supreme Court’s Janus decision. He then talks to Mark Mix of the National Right to Work Foundation about a big win they just had in New Mexico.

Then Paul shares information from the Wall Street Journal on higher education costs and connects that with Gov. MLG’s proposal for “free college”: “For every dollar in increased student loan availability, colleges increased the sticker price of their tuition 65 cents.” @BullsBearsFBN @FoxBusiness

Lastly, voters in Dona Ana County can win a small victory against corporate welfare in this election.