138 Football, Public Records, Elections and More

Reconsidering the Aggie/Lobo football merger idea put forth by RGF last summer in light of current performance and MLG’s “free” higher ed idea.

Bernalillo County makes tracking down public records challenging.

Homeless advocates and Mayor Keller don’t agree as to whether the proposed central homeless facility is a good idea.

Paul just visited California for a family vacation. A few items: California’s high cost of gas and blackouts. PG&E became the only U.S. utility ever to have initiated a weather-related shut-off of such size and duration, affecting nearly 750,000 homes and businesses across 34 counties.

APS superintendent retires (pension spikes due to recent raise).

The local lodgers’ group faces the harsh reality that government doesn’t care what you think should happen with tax dollars.

Finally, Paul and Wally take a close look at the Albuquerque ballot. Early voting starts on October 19 and Election Day is November 5. What should voters be looking out for?