134 APS Tax, Democracy $, Firewood Ban and 52 mpg

On this week’s episode of Tipping Point New Mexico, Paul and Wally discuss Gov. Lujan Grisham’s latest big-government proposal. She wants to force New Mexicans to buy cars averaging 52 mpg by 2022. That’s more aggressive than California! And, does she really have that power?

APS is asking for $290 million from voters this fall albeit with no tax hike. What should voters think about this?

Liberal groups won’t debate Democracy Dollars. Our new website is set up to educate people on this issue: http://nowaynm.org/.

RGF in the news on Gov.’s plans for free college.

A judge has banned logging, timber management, and firewood collection on Forest Service lands. What’s the story here?

Finally, Paul recently presented to a group from Europe on the work of the Rio Grande Foundation.

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