130 Oil, Ozone, Property Rights and Trump

On this week’s discussion podcast, Paul shares details about his recent trip to Carlsbad for the Mayor’s Energy Conference including an appearance from former Gov. Susana Martinez as well as a talk by Gov. Lujan-Grisham. Paul and Wally briefly discuss the drastic increase in oil prices in the wake of the attack in Saudi Arabia and the point made repeatedly at the conference that the Permian Basin is the “safest” oil source in the world. The State of New Mexico is taking on the issue of ground-level ozone. The good news is that ozone levels are already falling and have been for some time. Regulations tend to last far beyond their utility. CAFE standards are one area on which President Trump is trying to restore reasonableness. Christina Sandefur spoke in Albuquerque and discussed the importance of property rights including two big issues that the Rio Grande Foundation has had tangible success on. Finally, President Trump is in New Mexico. He clearly thinks he can win the State. Wally and Paul discuss how the Electoral College makes New Mexico relevant in presidential races and whether Trump can indeed win New Mexico’s 5 electoral votes.

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