126 Oil Revenue, Railyard, ETA and more

New Mexico revenues confirmed to be at all-time high thanks to oil/gas boom with $907 million of “new” money available for the Legislature to spend in 2020. A new permanent fund has been proposed as a destination for those dollars. Is that a good idea? Paul and Wally briefly discuss here but elaborate on this week’s interview podcast in a “deep dive” on sovereign wealth funds. Finally, with all this money flowing into the State’s coffers, who pays for the roads that have enabled the oil boom who should pay for the roads and infrastructure in the Permian Basin?  

Federal legislation called the PRO Act is expected to receive a House vote in September would ban right to work. While this bill is not likely to pass the Senate or be signed by Trump, it is an indicator of just how left-wing the House now is and it is likely something the current crop of Democrat presidential hopefuls would sign.

$50-$80 million would be required just to get the railyards site prepared for some future project. Where is this going to come from? What could be done with this site? Is it really worth the cost?

Enviros join PNM, and labor union to take the case before NM Supreme Court to force PRC to adhere to ETA, not prior law.

New Mexico‚Äôs unsustainable college sports programs illustrated as NMSU athletics balances its budget with infusions of cash from the university, taxpayers, and student fees.