122 Media Complicity in Spreading Disinformation

Most studies say vaping is far healthier than cigarette smoking, but a local filmmaker working with high school students called it “more detrimental than being addicted to cigarettes.” This story highlights both factual ignorance and the media’s complicity in spreading disinformation.   Activity continues to build at Spaceport America, but when will those manned tourism flights begin? No one knows at this point.   Oil is booming in New Mexico. New information shows just how big this boom is in terms of New Mexico’s budget. Other economic data shows that New Mexico’s major metro areas still lag in terms of jobs, but still more data shows that certain sectors within New Mexico (including, but not limited to the oil and gas sector) are doing very well.    The philosophically-friendly and high-performing Estancia Valley Classical Academy based in Moriarty has student spots available.

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