112 APS Pay Hikes, US Constitution and more

Albuquerque Public Schools adopts big pay hikes, especially for its superintendent who is receiving an 11% pay hike. Will these pay hikes result in better outcomes? Is the money even being used to attract and retain high-quality teachers? What would actually help with NM’s student achievement?

KrisAnne Hall wow’s the crowds with her direct take on the US Constitution. Reading the plain text of the Constitution, KrisAnne Hall explains how the federal government is overreaching. What SHOULD the federal government do? What SHOULD the states including New Mexico do? Wally and Paul discuss. The Foundation’s video of this event can be found here.  

 Where’s Amazon’s presence in New Mexico?  Is New Mexico’s GRT to blame? Is it just a problem of the State’s small population? Regardless, New Mexico is the only Southwestern State lacking a fulfillment center. 

Paul and Wally discuss some interesting data from the City of Farmington on New Mexico’s GRT and what it means in terms of potentially reforming the tax.

Paul discusses the recent CBO report and the information it contained relating to a $15/hour minimum wage.  

Finally, RGF releases a new video on film subsidies. Listen to the audio, but you can watch the full video here. 

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