094 ABQ Spending on Asylum Seekers and More

On this week’s discussion of pressing issues in state and local government Paul and Wally discuss the issue of asylum seekers coming to the City of Albuquerque and City Council spending $250,000 to house and serve those folks.   Does the anti-donation clause have anything to say on the issue? Why should conservatives who oppose this spending be more careful about tax and spend policies at the City in general?   

Albuquerque Public Schools is asking for a bond renewal on November’s ballot. What are voters to think about this? 

  UNM athletics in the red (again). What does the University plan to do? What does this mean for students and taxpayers?    The Trump Admin is levying additional tariffs against China. Paul and Wally discuss how this issue could impact New Mexico directly and why it may not have impacted New Mexico as much as one might think.