062 Education Policy, Tax Hikes and Spending

On this week’s podcast Paul and Wally start out with a discussion of education policy. First and foremost they discuss a state education rating that does not consider spending an inherent good that also includes poverty and ethnic backgrounds in the overall ratings.   New Mexico scores a bit better on this ranking than it does in most (50th), but what does this mean? Paul and Wally discuss. Then, they address SB 1, legislation that has been introduced in the New Mexico Legislature to put a hard cap on the number of students attending charter schools.    Paul and Wally then take on HB 6, legislation that contains a number of big tax hikes, but also somewhat reduces the gross receipts tax. What is the overall impact of this bill? What SHOULD be done to reform the GRT?    MLG is asking for a 38% increase in funding for her office. Why? Does this increase make sense?   HB 195 which would make New Mexico a “sanctuary state.  What would this mean for the state.    Finally, Paul reads a heartfelt letter from one of the Foundation’s supporters on the APS property tax hike ballot measure.